Affordable Hair Braiding Salon in


Affordable hair braiding Salon in Los Angeles

“Welcome to Babacar African Braid – where luxury meets affordability. As an esteemed hair braiding salon in Los Angeles, we believe that high-quality braiding services shouldn’t break the bank. Our salon offers a broad range of hair braiding styles and techniques, all at pocket-friendly prices.

Our expert braiders are committed to delivering the same level of expertise and attention to detail across all price points. We source the best products and materials, ensuring our customers enjoy the benefits of exceptional braiding without the luxury price tag.

Whether you’re looking for simple cornrows, box braids, or more intricate styles like Senegalese twists or Goddess locs, Babacar African Braid delivers it all without compromising quality or customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to make extraordinary hair braiding accessible for everyone, making us the go-to salon for affordable hair braiding in Los Angeles. Visit Babacar African Braid today and enjoy top-notch services that cater to your style, your needs, and most importantly, your budget.”


Prices seen are basic prices and neck lenght size.  Please be aware price will increase as length of your braids increase.  We take special care and value the time of our customers who took their time to book an appointment.  We request a deposit of $25 through Zelle or CashApp before we can approve your appointment.  If you do not receive a confirmation from us, please consider your appointment still pending.


Hair Braiding Los Angeles
Hair Braiding Los Angeles
Hair Braiding Los Angeles
Hair Braiding Los Angeles

“Through intricate knots and artistic twists, our braiders weave together a tapestry of beauty, from the elegance of Fulani braids to the boldness of box braids and the grace of goddess braids. Your hair is our canvas, and your style is our masterpiece.”

“Hairstyling is an expression of individuality and culture. Hair braiding is a

celebration of heritage and beauty.”